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Defining processes and routines within the Human Capital Management area, while following the industry best practices with technological support, has been increasingly required, and for this reason, the need for a tool that facilitates and implements these tasks with excellence has become essential.

The Workflow is a set of definitions and executions that are used to completely eliminate the flow of paperwork between departments. It allows requests, approvals or disapprovals of activities to be automatically made in the system. In fact, the great advantage of Apdata’s Workflow is the availability of fast and accurate information.

Advantages of Apdata’s Workflow tool:

  • The user/administrator itself creates the requests of activities, such as: Request to change the cost center, transfer of employees, hiring, dismissal and several other requests.
  • It allows the creation of the workflow electronically, according to the needs of each company and each routine.
  • In the approvals or rejections of each Workflow phase, it is possible to write a justification and occasionally, if required, inform an electronic signature.
  • The work is not interrupted or loses focus.
  • Managers are able to manage their team and business tasks, such as individual performances, optimization of processes and special cases, rather than worry about the routine of the tasks.
  • The processes are officially documented and accurately followed, thus ensuring that the work is performed as it was planned, meeting all business requirements.
  • Parallel processing, where two or more tasks are performed simultaneously.