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The most complete collaboration channel for the strategic management of people. It reduces costs, manages processes and democratizes information to all levels within the organization.

The HR Portal can be fully customized with the visual identity of your company. It is a friendly and easy-to-use environment that allows you to share information with all employees according to the best HR practices and with greater transparency and assertiveness.

It allows the company to make information available in the public area, such  as external links for access to banking sites, benefits, pharmacies, funding and government agencies, birthdays, new hires, weather forecast, among others, and in the restricted area, after the access through user login and password, according to the respective profile.

The employees can make requests through workflow forms, retrieve personal and contractual data, as well as those of dependents and pensioners, generate and print statements, statements of payment, timesheets, excess work hours spreadsheet, request vacation and monitor the entire process of approval, view the company’s policies, organizational climate and/or satisfaction surveys, obtain information about benefits and of common interest to all employees, such as telephone numbers, e-mails, restaurant menu, bulletin boards with special dates or important reminders. All this generates autonomy, agility and brings the employees closer to the company’s HR department.

Managers can query and request various processes to the HR department involving employees hierarchically related to them and this process may or may not go through the flow of approval. 

Advantages of Apdata’s HR Portal tool:

  • Quick access to information anytime and with mobility (computer, mobile, totems).
  • Personalized access according to the user profiles.
  • Practicality, agility, autonomy, reduction of operating costs and interactivity.

Employees (display of personal information only)

  • Consultation and/or issuance of the payment statement of the month and previous months, income report, work statement, income statement, update of Work and Social Security Card (CPTS), list of dependents.
  • Vacation scheduling through the workflow.
  • Visualization and monitoring of requests made through the workflow.
  • Request for inclusion, change and/or deactivation of new benefits and means of transportation.
  • Request to change personal documents, such as voter registration, driver’s license, military service status, professional document.
  • Request to change personal data, such as address and phone number, information of dependents.
  • Request to include new dependent.
  • Regularization of time attendance records.
  • Organizational climate and/or satisfaction survey.

Manager (display of the team)

  • Query and/or issue of management information.
  • Visualization and monitoring of requests made through the workflow.
  • Visualization of the vacation map (general status) of the employees in its team.
  • Request to include the recess period of its interns.
  • Visualization of critical vacation periods of the employees within the manager’s team.
  • Request to simulate vacation and termination.
  • Query of employee data prior to the request for termination, such as stability, vacation periods, etc.
  • Request to change work times and time attendance system.
  • Change of the work hours through the attendance regularization board.
  • Request to include, change or deactivate information for its employees, especially those who have no access to the system.
  • Request to transfer employees (site, payroll, cost center and hierarchy).
  • Request of absence period and return of employees.

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