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This module ensures quality, productivity and assertiveness of the results in the Payroll processes of your company. It covers all legal issues related to the payment of contractors, as well as aspects related to cost management in companies.

Advantages of Apdata’s Payroll module:


  • Totally adherent technology to the requirements of accessory obligation (Brazilian legislation specific project), complete audit data tool, efficient management panel and messaging native. Check out Apdata’s eSocial solutions here.


  • Apdata uses the concept of contractors, that is, a person can have one or more different types of contracts with the company. Therefore, we can enter into the most diverse types of contracts with the various types of employment relationships, such as CLT (Consolidation of Brazilian Labor Laws), on-the-job training, young apprentice, self-employed contractor, outsourced contractor, director, commission agent, expatriate, legal entity, etc.
  • The system's flexibility allows the configuration of the calculations for different types of labor contracts, through the exclusive technology LPC - Standard Calculations Language, avoiding the usual and laborious customizations that generate high costs with consulting.
  • Generation of a kit of hiring documents according to the group of contractors and single download for printing by the HR Portal.
  • Controlled maturity of employment contracts through automatic notifications and/or the generation of periodic reports, which can also be sent to managers.
  • Automatic control of FGTS (Unemployment Compensation Fund) of contractors according to the bank balance with CEF (Caixa Econômica Federal).
  • Registration of dependents and their respective benefits.
  • Registration of third-parties for various needs and integration with other systems.
  • Registration of pensioners, as well as the management of official letters and calculations.


  • Control of entitlement periods and their respective histories.
  • Automatic and/or manual scheduling of vacations.
  • Control of vacation period, avoiding the expiration of the second period.
  • Processing of individual or collective vacations.
  • Calculation of simulated vacation.
  • Controlled maturity of the vacation period through automatic notifications and/or the generation of periodic reports, which can also be sent to managers.


  • Processing of regular and complementary terminations through automatic calculations, according to the amounts due (days worked, vacation, 13th salary, averages, discounts, such as support payment, etc.).
  • Simulation of severance calculation.
  • Control of stability, that is, if the contractor has any stability, the system displays a message blocking the progress of the process.

Absence Period

  • Control of absence period due to occupational accident, sick pay, military service, maternity leave, unpaid leave, among others.
  • The reasons for absence can be customized according to the company’s needs.
  • Management of absenteeism with automatic update of information on the payroll.


  • Transfer between companies (sites and payroll) with the possibility to use information previously registered and/or change, for example, position, salary, cost center, hierarchy, among others.


  • Processing of payroll on different intervals, such as daily, weekly, 10-day, 14-day, biweekly and monthly.
  • Possibility of complementary payrolls, according to the intervals.
  • Processing of the 13th salary routines (advance payment and payment), bonuses, PLR – Profit Sharing.
  • Control of the sequence of payroll processes, according to the sequence set by the company, such as advance payment, monthly, charges, SEFIP (FGTS Payment and Social Security Information System), provision, FGTS balance control (Unemployment Compensation Fund), accounting and closing.
  • Possibility of retro-calculation of payroll (reprocessing of amounts paid in previous months).
  • Forecast of future discounts on the payroll.
  • Control of payroll backed financing loans.
  • Simplified and personalized salary variation.
  • Control of calculations and rules of trade union agreements and collective bargaining agreements.
  • Management of benefits and means of transportation (calculation, purchase and magnetic media).
  • Control of private pension.
  • Control of interim offices, that is, the period of time during which a position is held by an contractor other than the primary.
  • Registration of various incidents in the contractors.
  • Interfaces for benefit entities, banks, social security and other entities.
  • Payroll charges, generation of payment forms, such as DARF (Federal Revenue Collection Document), manual or interfaced GPS (Social Security Form), SEFIP (FGTS Payment and Social Security Information System), CAGED (General Registration of Employed and Unemployed Persons), union dues and specific contributions.
  • Payment of third-party charges (SESI, SENAI and others).
  • Provision for vacation and 13th
  • Automatic accounting with the generation of interface file for the accounting system.
  • Allocation of costs (management of costs with workforce on the payroll) per company, location and cost center.
  • Apportionments according to pre-set percentage, annotation and hours informed with exceptions directly handled in the contractor.
  • Finance interfaces.
  • Annual Routines: Income Statement, DIRF (Statement of Income Tax Withheld at Source) and RAIS (Annual List of Social Information).
  • Maintenance of registration data of contractors and dependents, as well as their benefits.
  • History of transactions in the contractor from the current and previous periods, such as position, time, salary, cost center, hierarchy.
  • History of payroll of previous periods with the actual information at the time.

Automate the Payroll processes of your company (Processflow) and decentralize requests so that the contractors perform them through the electronic request form (Workflow) available in the “HR Portal”. The requests may undergo various levels of approval, according to the organizational structure of your company, before reaching the HR for processing.

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