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Training & Development

This module provides resources for the training and development professionals within the companies to perform their activities quickly and efficiently, managing mandatory training programs, required courses, costs, policies, procedures and total control of the processes.

Advantages of Apdata’s Training and Development module:

  • Controls actual and budgeted costs, storing them on a monthly basis to draft analysis reports.
  • Focus on the development of specific needs.
  • Management of training investments per person, decentralized by manager and monitored by the HR department.
  • Possibility of planning training programs.
  • In full compliance with the quality standards and procedures.
  • Possibility to include training hours and costs in the medium and long term, with monthly assessment of these factors.
  • Individual management of training programs, where each HR division manages the training programs of its subsidiary without interfering in the training program of the other subsidiaries.
  • Complete process control, both for contractors and for candidates.
  • It controls the lease of rooms, resources required for each course, library, curriculum, educational institutions and teachers.
  • Full management of training programs and training groups, presentations and seminars, allowing attendance control (including by electronic devices - biometrics and badge), workload, evaluation, etc.
  • It presents the responsibilities of each employee within the organization, allowing the visualization of their skills, in addition to the required training programs
  • Assessment of reaction, knowledge and effectiveness by managers.
  • Complete tabulation of all assessments created.
  • It generates training needs, displaying the results to the managers when generating the LNT (Survey of Training Requirements) and IDP (Individual Development Plan) of their team.
  • Budget control of events based or not on LNT and PDI.