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Recruitment & Selection

This module controls all the stages required within the recruitment and selection process, providing access to all information required to making decisions about strategic hiring and offers a complete Portal for Applicants for the publication of internal and external vacancies, with an increasing database of resumes.

Advantages of Apdata’s Recruitment and Selection module:

  • Optimization in the personnel requisition processes.
  • Publication of internal and external vacancies in the HR Portal and Applicant Portal.
  • Automatic communication at all stages with the individuals involved in the process.
  • Update of internal and external data of resumes.
  • Management of the process by the HR area and requesting manager.
  • Definition of the search profile of external and internal job applicants.
  • Comparison between the position requirements and the backgrounds of the applicants.
  • Each selection process may have its own specific costs.
  • Cost statistics for selections processes/jobs/vacancies, etc.
  • It allows recruitment and selection professionals to get rid of manual and bureaucratic procedures, allowing them to focus on strategic processes.
  • Complete history of the process.
  • Creation of tests associated with the steps in the Applicant Portal or Employee Portal.
  • Random tests avoiding the generation of the identical tests.
  • Tabulation and indicator reports of tests created.
  • Possibility of registering efficiency assessments of the selection process by the process applicant.
  • Use of information registered by the applicant in the hiring process or other selection processes.