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Position Planning

This module manages in a simple and efficient manner all positions (Vacancies) within an organization, whether they are occupied or not by a human resource. It allows the decentralization and automation of processes involving personnel (such as hiring, promotion, merit, transfers and termination) through the corporate performance tools Workflow and Processflow.

Advantages of Apdata’s Position Planning module:

  • Preservation of the entire history of each job Vacancy of current and former employees, ensuring the control of Headcount.
  • Official indicators.
  • Associates benefits to Vacancies.
  • Ensures reliability of the registered data.
  • Decreases the chance of error.
  • Data related to the Vacancy are automatically generated at the time of hiring.
  • Effective control of the limit of vacancies for formatting headcount.
  • Controls budgeted vacancies from the Budget Planning system.
  • Controlled effectiveness of each Vacancy.
  • Resources for the use of the concept of Temporary Job Vacancy.