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Performance Management

This module allows efficiency in the performance assessment process of employees, managing all activities related to the assessment process in the companies, providing information for the automation and integration between the various areas within the organization. It is directly connected with the Training & Development module, suggesting development actions required for the creation of the IPD (Individual Development Plan), and the Career & Succession Planning module, acting as the foundation for the construction of the Talent Matrix.

Advantages of Apdata’s Performance Management module:

  • Mapping the organization’s intellectual capital knowledge.
  • Ensures that the assessment process has a structured feedback, with a catalog of development actions, history of evolution and career planning.
  • Action plan for decision-making.
  • Management of actions identified by managers in view of the GAPs arising from the assessment process.
  • Control of general, specific or managerial skills.
  • Management of proficiencies.
  • Free customization or development of questionnaires.
  • Tabulation of results.
  • Assignment of weights by group of skills or assessment methods.
  • Intersections of skills between employees and positions.
  • Management by assessment cycles.
  • Multiple assessment methods, such as Consensual and 360-degree Assessment.
  • History of assessments and results.
  • Simulation of skills for future positions.