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Objectives Management

The methodology of the Objectives Management module protects stakeholders in the process of correct and accurate understanding of the organization’s strategy, so that the employees perform their activities according to the goals established with full understanding, correct allocation, completion deadlines and monitoring. It provides the preparation of tactical and operational plans and continuous assessment. The Objectives Management module will allow your company to have all these benefits, establishing corporate, department, team and individual goals, enabling the comparison or confrontation with the target plan.

Advantages of Apdata’s Objectives Management module:

  • Decentralization and management of the organization’s strategic objectives.
  • Customization or construction of free or predefined targets by the company.
  • Definition of the effectiveness of employees for the Target plant.
  • Contracting and recontracting of objectives/goals.
  • Feedback monitoring.
  • Development actions before and after the completion of objectives.
  • Tabulation of results.
  • Assignment of weights by group of objectives/goals or assessment methods.
  • Intersections of objectives with employees and positions.
  • Customized Standard Calculations Language - LPC.
  • History of assessments, results and hires.
  • Full connection with the Career & Succession Planning system to act as the foundation for the construction of the Talent Matrix.