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Compensation Management

This module manages the activities related to the strategic compensation of the company’s employees, in compliance with the best practices of Human Capital Management, through parameters that allow the management of their methodologies.

Advantages of Apdata’s Compensation Management module:

  • Safety in the decentralization of information through the automation of wage tables or wage policies.
  • Visualization of existing wage distortions within the organization.
  • Management of wage variations integrated in the performance assessments and objectives.
  • Transparency in the hiring process regarding the profile required by the position.
  • Complete control of the descriptions and maintenance of positions and their prerequisites with history of all revisions.
  • Determination of the GAP between position, wage and contractor.
  • Official indicators.
  • Flexible to various wage policy methods (Hay system, Time Attendance, Maturity, etc.).
  • It controls meritocracy policies and automatic promotions, compensations, salary market research, suitable/unsuitable employees and percentages in relation to the salary range.
  • Calculations of collective wage adjustment simulations, and automatic scaled increase.
  • Automatic promotion routine, respecting the flow of approval.
  • Salary Grid concept, business rules of each position and salary according to the organizational strategy.

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