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Occupational Safety

Precise and centralized control of all the routines and procedures related to Occupational Safety. This module subsidizes professionals of the area in relation to national and international legislation requirements, providing resources for the operationalization and computerized management of all activities. 

Ideal for companies undergoing the certification process or certified companies, the module is in constant process of evolution and optimization, following the changes in increasingly frequent legal aspects, as well as international quality standards.

Advantages of Apdata’s Occupational Safety module:

  • Totally adherent technology to the requirements of accessory obligation (Brazilian legislation specific project), complete audit data tool, efficient management panel and messaging native. Check out Apdata’s eSocial solutions here.
  • Mapping of risks and dangers.
  • LTCAT (Technical Report of Environmental Working Conditions).
  • APR (Preliminary Risk Analysis).
  • PPP (Social Security Professional Profile).
  • PPRA (Environmental Risk Prevention Program).
  • CIPA (Internal Commission of Accident Prevention).
  • Decentralization and automation of the investigation process of incidents.
  • Management of accident statistics.
  • Fire brigades.
  • Ergonomic assessment.
  • Recommendations and delivery of personal protective equipment.
  • Management of action plan (preventive and corrective).
  • Collective protection equipment.
  • Fire-fighting equipment.
  • Accidents and incidents (events).
  • Training.
  • Service orders.
  • Chemical products.
  • Work permits.
  • Other operating and statistical reports.


Testimony from our Clients


Hospital A. C. Camargo – Fundação Antônio Prudente

“The software brought us tools to facilitate and streamline the preparation of documents in the Occupational Safety sector, such as the PPRA and the PPP, integrating information from other areas to issue the documents. It indicates the services and document maturities according to our schedule. It allows us to perform the electronic election of CIPA every year, with online verification and broader range of the participating employees. We can say that the use of this software improves the work of the people involved".


AEES Inc - Enabling Power 

“After using the tools, we achieved numerous gains for the Occupational Health and Safety Management system, with special mention to the management of PPP, which is currently carried out through a module of the system with accurate information, from various departments and very fast".


Roberto Teruo Yatabe – Occupational Safety Engineer

“In the Occupational Safety area of Serasa Experian, with the advent of the GA - Global Antares software, we managed to gain more efficiency and punctuality in the information requested. Due to the integration of the system with other areas within the company, we no longer generate requests for information.  We have the necessary data to create reports and plan the information, making them available to interested professionals".

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