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Occupational Health

Practical and intelligent automation and management of the entire health care routine of employees and third parties, whether in the healthcare or occupational level. Features directed to the different professionals in the health care area, such as doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, dentists, psychologists, etc.

This module transforms data into accessible information that support health care professionals in the decision-making, diagnostics, administrative tasks and thus help the organization comply with regulatory standards and international standards of health and quality.

With the computerization of resources such as health care for any specialty, automated appointments for periodic health check-ups, immunization campaigns, quality of life programs, occupational health, the time spent by professionals in paperwork is reduced, making them available for the application of knowledge in their respective specialties.

The module works in conjunction with prevention and risk mapping programs, ensuring compatibility and consistency of information related to the health and safety of the employee. By taking advantage of the integration between Occupational Health and Safety, it is possible to reduce the registration of information, paper flow and spreadsheets between areas, thus saving time and minimizing the likelihood of errors.

Advantages of Apdata’s Occupational Health module:

  • Totally adherent technology to the requirements of accessory obligation (Brazilian legislation specific project), complete audit data tool, efficient management panel and messaging native. Check out Apdata’s eSocial solutions here.
  • Improved management of appointments and attendance of periodic health check-ups.
  • It automates vaccine control to be in compliance with immunization NR-32.
  • Electronic medical record with friendly and flexible interface for customization.
  • The native integration with the Payroll module allows agility in the process of occupational health examinations (hiring, dismissal and return to work examinations).
  • Continuous improvement in the module with the implementation of new features.
  • Health care and occupational health assistance.
  • Periodic appointments.
  • Vaccination control.
  • Epidemiological statistics.
  • Absenteeism.
  • OHCP (Occupational Health Control Program).
  • Audiometry.
  • Control of medications.
  • Rehabilitation and readaptation.
  • Medical and nursing procedures.
  • Treatments.
  • Operating and statistical reports.


Testimony from our Clients:

Hospital Vera Cruz

"One of the greatest advances in our routine with Apdata’s system was the implementation of the customizable and easy-to-use electronic medical records. Another advantage was the use of the same database of the personnel department with the integration in the case of hiring, dismissal and return to work examinations. I can say that these resources have improved so much that I'm sure we have not used everything that is available yet".


Takata Petri S.A.

"The Occupational Health module is a very important tool for our development, with many items to be explored where we can have the flexibility to adjust it according to the company’s profile. Thus, the day-to-day gives us the possibility to be always adding and extracting a variety of information such as illness, drugs, types of appointments, documentation control, vaccine control, blood donors, accidents, medical certificates, among others. The control of occupational exams and their appointments provide the issuance of reports whenever they are required on any item. I believe I could describe many other features".



“Since the implementation of Global Antares, developed by Apdata, the management of the Occupational Health in our company improved, we have an effective control of health examinations and a better view of the employee due to the integrations with HR and features of the workflow. In the next steps, we will work on the interfaces with the Occupational Safety area and new management reports that will certainly transform all these systems into work tools".


Hospital A. C. Camargo - Fundação Antônio Prudente

“The use of GA - Global Antares significantly helped us improve the internal processes of the Occupational Health area, in addition to the availability of management reports and the performance of online surveys that allow a quick and decentralized mapping of the health parameters of our employees. The support team that assists us is always ready to help us when we need and promptly solve any problems we face".


Irmandade Santa Casa de Misericórdia

“The interface between the SESMT and HR systems helped us improve the management of our call for periodic examinations. Before using the GA - Global Antares, we used lists that would be often outdated and we would contact dismissed or inactive (INSS or vacation) employees or those who had already undergone the examinations due to their recent return to work or promotion. The computerized control helped us manage the attendance of employees to occupational health examinations and contact only active employees who have had their examination dates expired, thus reducing operating costs. An important aspect was the ability to customize the software, adapting it to our reality, that is, its functions were configured according to the periodic health check-up program of Santa Casa. Another advantage was the computerization of the vaccine control with reports prepared based on our needs and criteria. According to NR32, we must ensure the application of double adult dose and hepatitis B vaccines to all employees and today we managed to identify, monitor and locate those who are compliant or not with the immunization requirements".

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