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Lawsuits Management

This module manages in a practical and efficient manner all company’s lawsuits, closed and/or in progress, provides support to Lawyers and the entire legal department of the organization.

Advantages of Apdata’s Lawsuits Management module:

  • It meets 100% of the eSocial requirements, allowing users to have the complete management, control and the least impact on their daily activities. Check out Apdata’s eSocial solutions here.
  • Statistics of common causes of lawsuits.
  • Full and native integration with the Payroll module, without requiring double registration.
  • Integration with DIRF.
  • Scheduling of steps of the lawsuit.
  • Possibility to attach the documentation to the lawsuit.
  • Decentralization to managers of lawsuits.
  • Flexible maintenance according to the type of lawsuit.
  • Update of lawsuit rates according to the expected rate.
  • Entry of all court costs.
  • Management of pledged assets.
  • Indicators of available lawsuits according to the needs of each user.
  • It allows the query of all lawsuits in a fast and organized way.