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This tool combines data extraction through wizards for modeling queries and the robustness of graphics design, automatic generation of e-mails, complex management reports and even interface files in various formats.

Advantages of Apdata’s ApDesigner tool:

  • Information can be generated through query templates, reports, charts and emails.
  • It includes a Wizard that guides managers, step by step, on information that should be used to perform the query, generate reports or set the characteristics of each graph.
  • Creation of Queries: Extraction of information from the GA - Global Antares allowing the correlation of data from all modules in a single output.
  • Graphs: It offers more than 100 models of dynamic graphs with numerous features that will visually support your indicators.
  • Automatic Generation of E-mails: It allows the development of customized e-mails that can be scheduled for automatic delivery. In addition to e-mails, invitations can also be sent for batch scheduling, integrated with the most common software in the market.
  • Output Formats: Reports can be developed for the most common formats: text files, XML, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Adobe Reader, etc.
  • For Developers: For users with intermediate or advanced knowledge of programming languages or database, the ApDesigner allows the development of queries and logical structures. This will give you autonomy and eliminate the need for customizations.