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Workforce Management Apdata

The future of workforce management and automation.

Technology that manages the dimensioning of your company's workforce in a simple and safe way, so that you reach the team goals assertively and with all the specific skills and needs of your business.

And do you know how this is possible?

Apdata’s Workforce Management was built on the main 5 pillars:

    • Automatic sizing of teams:
      Algorithms that take into account business variables, that respect seasonality, demands, employee profiles, specificities of each union and much more, all to allocate professionals in the most assertive way, respecting all metrics. Can be done by structural capacity or by movement classification.
    • Online team visibility:
      The work plan is available for online consultation on the Panel and dashboard. And if integrated with other Apdata technology modules, GA - Global Antares, such as Time & Attendance and Payroll, this functionality can be enhanced with information on admission, vacations, termination, time sheet, working hours and much more, all of this, automated within Workforce planning, in just one click.
    • Electronic disclosure of the work schedule:
      The work schedule is made available to the entire team via the HR and Mobile Portal, or any other means that the organization deems necessary.
    • Virtual Alerts:
      Which may refer to labor, Legal, Attribute of the day (CHA) and Restrictive legislation. They can be alerts of the most diverse types, from violations of weekly and daily hours exceeded, interjornadas, to alerts on necessary attributes for the day, restrictions of collaborators and much more. In the case of the Attribute of the day, it is possible to create teams and link them to competencies and skills, necessary characteristics that the employee must have to be part of that team on that scale.

      Alerts are important, as it allows the manager to be aware of the specifics of cases before he assembles the work team.
    • Online absence indicator:
      From a dimensioning done, the system informs if there is a sufficient number of employees for that demand, signaling if it is below or not the ideal capacity. In addition, the system points out absences and the skills of employees who should be complying with the scale and where you can find people with this profile to be able to make the replacement.

Oh, and all of that is in a single database.

All of this to make your life easier, and allow your company to go definitively to the digital world.

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