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Access and Security Management

This module manages all forms of access to the company for security purposes, including employees, visitors and others.

Advantages of Apdata’s Access and Security module:

  • The management can be made based on Work Stations (Virtual).
  • Security resources can be used from the record of visits to pre-programmed panic messages.
  • It manages several types of security devices, such as turnstiles, gates, watches, electronic doors, etc.
  • General management of the access of all employees (local or not), third parties, partners and visitors.
  • It stores access permissions, unauthorized access and attempts of circumvention.
  • Multi-Plant management, with definition and configuration by plant of controlled collectors and devices.
  • Management of access policies, with the definition of access permissions for regular days, Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.
  • It controls time attendance ranges, cafeteria and access time ranges.
  • Authorization to allow departures during work hours and entrance in overtime periods.
  • Management of access credits (widely used to limit cafeteria consumption).