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eSocial News | Sep 21, 2015 09:03

Unavailability of the Household Employer Module

 On June 2, the Law that regulates the Constitutional Amendment of domestic workers was enacted.

 The provisions of this law will enter into effect after 120 days of its publication. Due to the regulation that extended the labor rights of domestic workers, this application will become unavailable as of 07/02/2015 to suit the provisions set forth in the Law.

 We clarify that the information provided hitherto in the eSocial Portal have no legal value and will not be migrated to the new system.

 Up to the availability of the new Module of household employers, the current resources shall be used, as detailed below:

  •  for the settlement of social security contributions, you should use the Social Security Collection Form (GPS) available at
  •  for the settlement of the FGTS by household employers who have chosen to collect the FGTS of their employees, please access the website of eSocial, click the button “Guia FGTS” (“FGTS Form”), select the type of form you wish to issue (monthly or severance pay), as appropriate.

 Soon a new portal will be available with more features and facilities.