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Traffic and Apdata: more than a decade of partnership and excellent results

User of Apdata’s technological solutions since 2000, the company reports savings on personnel costs, time optimization and a faster decision-making process


Recognized as one of the largest sports marketing companies in Latin America, Traffic found on Apdata’s technological solutions ways to make HR Management processes more efficient.


The relationship between the two companies began in 2000. According to the Traffic, they chose Apdata “for being a supplier focused on HR services and solutions and because its products have significant advantages”, he says.


After the partnership with Apdata, the HR area at Traffic has been achieving amazing results in several aspects. Esperandio says that the financial economy has been quite significant, as well as the better utilization of human capital in the area. He explains that with Apdata’s software and services, it has been possible to fulfill the various attributions of the area, optimizing the time of each employee and without the need for new hires. “If we were still with the old system, I believe that it would be necessary to increase the number of employees by 40%,” he says.


Thus, Traffic managed to streamline the processes related to payroll, benefits, attendance and excess work hours, among others, allowing the area to gain more time to perform other activities and optimized the decision-making process. “With more time available for general issues, more reliable reports and better access and control of information by the managers and other employees, the company is able to make decisions in a faster and more accurate way in the conduct of its business,” said.


Traffic uses the following modules of GA - Global Antares: Payroll, Time Attendance Management, Compensation Management, Training & Development, Budget Planning, Position Planning, Occupational Health, Occupational Safety, ApDesigner, WorkFlow and HR Portal.