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One software, many uses

Lock Engenharia adopts Apdata’s software GA - Global Antares and reduces outsourcing costs


Committed to ensuring that the Human Resources sector stay focused only on the strategic management of its employees, Lock Engenharia, which operates in the construction industry, adopted the Payroll module of Apdata’s software GA - Global Antares.


According to the professional of Lock Engenharia, the company adopted the tool seeking to reduce costs incurred with the printing of reports and payslips. “But we were surprised because it was not ‘just another module’. I can say that we have acquired a complete HR tool, with performance evaluation, compensation management, etc. We managed have an investment return of R$ 45,000 in less than one year.”


The investment allowed the HR team to eliminate bureaucratic activities and be exclusively focused on activities related to the industry, such as the production of management reports and the analysis of payroll per business unit. “Fundamental processes for the proper organization of the company,” she says.


Another aspect highlighted was the reduced work of the HR team. “We can say that the acquisition of software focusing on the elimination of bureaucracy brought a motivational gain to everyone in the sector, in addition to allowing us to have more consistent and organized data,” she explains. When asked why she chose the GA - Global Antares, she answered that the company's expertise in legislation and focus on HR were very relevant, in addition to the great commercial support, with consultants who know the system and the legislation, working always with speed and consistency, “a factor that has shown commitment and tranquility in a project that was started from scratch,” she concludes.