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Healthy partnership

Hospital São Camilo maintains high corporate management standards with Apdata’s modules and systems


With three units in the city of São Paulo, in the districts of Pompeia (west region), Santana (north region) and Ipiranga (south region), Hospital São Camilo is one of the most traditional healthcare institutions in the state.


The hospital has the capability to perform highly complex surgeries, such as transplants, in addition to having a complete diagnostic and healthcare center in all specialties. The three units have certifications. Pompeia Unit is accredited by the Joint Commission International and Accreditation Canada, Santana Unit is also certified by Accreditation Canada and Ipiranga Unit has the Accreditation with Excellence - Level 3, by the National Accreditation Organization (ONA).


The high level of corporate administrative and hospital management received a major boost after the partnership with Apdata, which began in 2008, with the introduction of the first three modules: Payroll, Benefits and Time Attendance System. “We opted for Apdata’s solutions for being a flexible system that can be adapted to the reality of each company,” said. “The GA - Global Antares is an intelligent human capital management system, which offers autonomy to the users and virtually no levels of customization. Still, the work is optimized through the integration of all modules,” says.


The results were so satisfactory that in recent years Hospital São Camilo acquired other five modules of Global Antares System, from Apdata: Compensation Management, Position Planning, Objectives Management, Training & Development and Recruitment & Selection. All resources are used by the HR area, but the system also allows other information to be available to the managers, including registration information, vacancies, attendance, monitoring of the selection process and performance evaluation.


“The centralization of all HR modules, greater agility in queries, employees data available on a single screen, as well as the efficient use by the HR professionals are some of the advantages provided by Apdata’s systems,” said.