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Growth of RaiaDrogasil in the country relied of the support from Apdata

Partnership with the company allowed the pharmaceutical chain to find solutions for HR issues resulting from the expansion process in Brazil


RaiaDrogasil is growing and expanding, and for this to happen, it relies on the support provided by Apdata. One of the biggest pharmaceutical retail chains in Brazil, the company has stores in states such as São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Espírito Santo, Minas Gerais and Goiás, Distrito Federal, and Distribution Centers in Contagem (MG) and Aparecida de Goiânia (GO). “The partnership with Apdata has significantly contributed to the management of important HR routines,” says.


The possibility of decentralization offered by the Global Antares System provided RaiaDrogasil better conditions to conduct its expansion process in the country. The Time Attendance Management Module and Vacation Scheduling eliminated some of the existing “barriers”, because they automated the procedures, meeting the needs of both the area and the employees themselves.


“We would hardly manage to decentralize some of the activities that are under the responsibility of store managers if we did not have the right system,” he said. In this sense, according to him, it was developed by four hands, as Apdata understood the needs of RaiaDrogasil and presented the right solutions. He says that, before, the vacation scheduling was done on paper forms drafted by the store managers, who would send the documents via pouch to the area in charge. “We would receive more than 300 requests per month and the number of misplacements was huge,” he said. Currently, the process is entirely concentrated on GA’s HR Portal and the managers of the units can make their requests in a simple and organized manner, being also able to track their status in a very intuitive way.


The relationship between the two companies began in 1995, when the pharmaceutical chain contacted Apdata to replace its old payroll calculation system, seeking the access to a more complete system. This work evolved to the use of the complete management, allowing RaiaDrogasil’s HR professionals a more optimized and strategic working method.

“The basic premise for the implementation of the solutions is the ‘win x win’ concept, which is present in our partnership. After realizing the need to improve a particular process, we contact Apdata’s team, explain the situation and together we seek the most viable solution. In some cases, the solution is already contemplated in Global Antares System, due to the product's characteristic of flexibility.  In others, for being very specific, customization is required and, through a committee, we study the 'cost-benefit' of the proposal,” he said.