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Church invests in BPO

The Brazilian Association Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints adopts management software GA - Global Antares to reduce costs with personnel and materials


Allowing the HR area to have time to do more strategic actions focused on the well-being of employees, automating rules and actions to minimize errors and risks and improve internal controls were some of the factors that led “The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints” to adopt the management software GA - Global Antares.


With temples operating in the cities of São Paulo, Recife, Campinas, Porto Alegre and Curitiba and more than 1036 chapels across all states of Brazil, the association needed a technological tool to provide more detailed and efficient reports to the HR managers, said the professional of the Association. “We invested in BPO to reduce costs with personnel and materials and, of course, avoid unnecessary manual operations that are prone to failure.”


The Church initially included the modules Payroll, Benefits and Time Attendance Management, in addition to the lease of the integrated HR systems of the GA - Global Antares, to generate operational and managerial information in a fast and flexible way. “We noticed that the automated payroll system allowed the HR department to have more time available and eliminate all bureaucratic activities of the former personnel department,” he says.


Challenge - The manager says that the data migration and the administrative particularities of a church, the two main difficulties expected in the project, were overcome. “Although the data migration required many hours of work, it had no major disruptions during the implementation,” he says. "The second challenge was the fact that we are a religious and nonprofit organization, which required an implementation with some restrictions and particularities. However, the overall result is exceeding our expectations.”


The professional of Apdata said that the company was invited to participate in the software selection process in a very delicate moment. “They had already been visited by more than 10 companies and were still unable to find a system that would suit the church’s needs. We were able to show that by allowing the distribution of all HR activities, according to the needs of each organization or entity, Apdata would be the best option.”


“The technology offered by Apdata and the easy access to support also made a difference,” said the professional of the Association.


Expansion - Although the company has been hired to support the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Brazil, the system is fully integrated and can support all the organization's units abroad, explains the professional of Apdata. “Global Antares is available in three languages: Portuguese, Spanish and English and is characterized for processing large volumes of several data within a short time frame. "

The operation – “At the client, we have two professionals who work as real-time support. In our headquarters, we have a support cell to operationalize the routines, check data, processing and reporting,” concludes the professional of Apdata.