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Implementation in Record Time at AR Distribuidora

AR Distribuidora de Publicações was established in June and two months later it was already one of Apdata’s client


The partnership began in August 2010, two months after the establishment of AR, which provides services directly to Treelog Distribuidores de Revistas, logistics arm of Grupo Abril. The company took over part of the distribution of magazines in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, which was made by Fernando Chinaglia Distribuição.


When it was officially established, in June, AR Distribuidora had a partner to handle the services of the HR department. “Unfortunately, it was not capable enough to accomplish the tasks. This partner did not have the adequate infrastructure or human resources allocated full time to the project and, therefore, it compromised the accomplishment of the work on time,” said the professional of the company.


Thus, AR started looking for a new partner in the market. It was necessary to find a company that would especially provide a safe and fast system in record time. “Apdata was recommended by Editora Abril, because it had already participated in a bid in the company and made a good impression," he said.


According to him, AR partnered with Apdata mainly because there was a commitment to the project and short deadlines. “We had only two months to make the entire implementation of the GA - Global Antares system. It was necessary to migrate all employee data from the system to Apdata’s platform in a very short time,” he says.


Once the agreement was signed, Apdata’s team started handling the data migration directly with Abril’s partners. “That was very important, because it prevented the professionals of AR and Abril from being overloaded with work. AR would only be contacted if there was a need for decision-making. In other cases, Apdata conducted the process without causing any problems,” said.