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Alcoa: integration with Apdata to make life easier

Definitely, payroll outsourcing has generated outstanding results


In 2004, Alcoa Alumínio S.A., subsidiary of Alcoa Inc, a global leader in the production of primary aluminum, fabricated aluminum and alumina, chose the Brazilian market to look for a partner who could manage the payroll of its employees, spread across six states – Pernambuco (Itapissuma), Minas Gerais (Poços de Caldas), Maranhão (São Luis), Pará (Belém and Juriti), São Paulo (São Paulo, Santo André and Sorocaba) and Santa Catarina (Tubarão). “We decided to choose the outsourcing service, because we consider that the payroll process is extremely critical and requires professionals and specialized companies in this process,” said the professional of Alcoa Latin America and the Caribbean.


This is how the partnership between Alcoa and Apdata Brazil began. “"The company participated in the technical and commercial evaluation process, together with other market players. Alcoa's HR model relies on a Shared Services Center that supports all other HR processes and has a high interface with Apdata’s team,” says. Definitely, payroll outsourcing has generated outstanding results. A team of 13 employees involved in the process at the time was restructured, allowing the company to allocate them to the expansion of new services. “The optimization allowed Alcoa to have professionals focused on the other HR activities with more efficiency,” said.  Currently, Apdata is responsible for processing payroll, charges, annual obligations, in addition to making available part of its portal, which is integrated into Alcoa’s HR portal. “Our portal includes more than 200 services available to employees and managers, ensuring greater autonomy in the resolution of issues. And Apdata’s services strongly integrate the portal with payroll, vacation, statements, income statements and benefits,” says.


In addition to being always concerned with innovation, Alcoa is also recognized worldwide for its attention to sustainability. The company was elected Sustainable Company of the Year by Exame’s Sustainability Guide, published annually by Editora Abril.


The ranking is coordinated by the Center of Sustainability Studies of Fundação Getúlio Vargas, which evaluates the strategies, commitments and practices of the companies in three sustainability dimensions: environmental responsibility, economic success and social commitment.