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AIG succeeds in eSocial deliveries

The AIG is reference in personal and business insurance solution in Brazil, is leader in different ways of business and offer solutions in insurance for people and companies.


The partnership with Apdata commenced in 2011 and has been growing stronger ever since. Apdata is providing Payroll outsourcing services and has been allocating Apdata‘s professionals working at AIG’s office.


During a conversation with Apdata, professional of AIG, shares the success that they had on delivering all requirements related to the eSocial process.


HR Coordinator at AIG


The AIG always believe that the eSocial it would be a reality, and this was paramount for early preparation. AIG is known for being an insurance company that brings continuous innovations to the market. We are continually observing the trends in order to anticipate the risks our customers may face, which gives us a culture of continuous adaptation to change.


In the case of eSocial, we did our homework, so we could be well prepared for the introduction and implementation of eSocial. We involved managers, employees and, of course, Apdata, which had a key role in the whole process. We arranged workshops, informing of the eSocial detailed requirements, and made everyone aware of the importance of changes, as well as their participation so that they could meet the deadlines set by the Federal Government. The support of managers was essential for proper implementation and success of the project at AIG


We had a strong working relationship with Apdata, monitoring closely every change. The Apdata Team was very proactive and confident throughout the project, allowing us to complete the project with excellent results.


Apdata was ahead anticipating the requirements and advising us of all activities related to the accessory obligation. There was a concern of meeting the tight deadlines set by the government, however continuously looking for improved alternative techniques and procedures. This was all tested to confirm our understanding and ascertain that we meet the requirements of e-Social.


We see that other companies in the market are still going through difficulties in submitting the required details to meet eSocial requirements. Apdata assigned a qualified team of specialists, knowledgeable of the eSocial requirements, and at the same time being able to transmit this to the other project team members in a clear and understandable way.


One main difference is the fact that we have regular meetings with the Apdata’ s Operational team and the professionals assigned to our Office.


Working together in partnership (Customer/Vendor) is important in all projects, having defined roles and responsibilities to all team members. However, in this case maybe even more important, due to the high stakes of not being compliant on time, with possible high fines imposed by the authorities.


Our partnership continues to be strong, as we share the same commitments on focus on HR/Payroll innovations and process improvements.