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All News | Sep 10, 2015 06:08

Apdata innovates the concept of company and invests in anti-stress spaces

Apdata innovates the concept of company and invests in anti-stress spaces

According to the human resources manager, Claudia Souza, these are environments where the company based their construction on feng shui techniques, striving for harmonization and the well-being of all its employees.

 According to the human resources manager, Claudia Souza, these are environments where the company based their construction on feng shui techniques, striving for harmonization and the well-being of all its employees. The rooms are reserved by the professionals themselves and, on certain days, these environments are used by professionals of the health area for massage application and psychological care.

 The anti-stress environments provide rooms for sleep therapy, color therapy, shiatsu space, barbecue area, TV room, study and psychological care, an orchard with some spread hammocks, and a living space, where the use is free and can be used at any time of the day so that the employees may rest and relax in times of stress and can develop their activities with more pleasure and no stress in an environment with a lot of green and contact with nature.

 For the construction of environments, Apdata invested more than R$ 1 million, which also helped to make the orchard and a restaurant in the company, with balanced nutrition. "This is a way to make our professionals to bring these attitudes practiced in Apdata to their personal life as well, and thus create healthy habits with family and friends," said Claudia.

 The company radically changed the traditional corporate work environment, which is generally more serious, for a cozier place, in order to let the employees calmer and thus less stressed. "It was a success and, shortly thereafter, other spaces were created. And we discovered that as the professionals were more mentally relaxed, the more they produced, because they were happy. And, to further improve performance, we offer a psychologist and a therapist to assist them as needed," explains the CEO of Apdata, Luiza Nizoli.

 For the HR manager, the investments have generated tangible results. "These actions have brought significant results for the company, for example, increased productivity by 60% as soon as in the first year of the spaces' implementation and reduction of turnover, which is less than 1%," explains Claudia.

 Healthier Apdata

 To add to the anti-stress environments project, the company's HR started an internal campaign, called 'Healthier Apdata', on re-education of staff's physical, mental and financial health. The program aims to improve the life quality of employees and project it to a much broader prospect for the future. Such action is the result of a study conducted internally, through which it was concluded that the lack of physical exercises, slacking and debt compromised professional development, including worsening physical and emotional health of employees, and negatively echoed in their daily life. To spread the program, Apdata organized a workshop, divided into classes, stating the reasons, benefits, and the results intended with the program.

 According to Claudia, the decision to invest more in actions aiming for the employees’ well-being came from the CEO of Apdata (Luiza Nizoli) and the goal of this implementation is to institute a culture of relaxation and spontaneity, improving the employees' life quality and, consequently, their development within the company.

 One of the objectives of the "Healthier Apdata" program is the prevention of repetitive strain injuries (RSI) in the company's staff. The program consists of classes of postural corrections, work gymnastics, ergonomics and especially the application of a monthly session of Shian techniques on each employee. Shian is a Chinese technique that relaxes the muscles, tendons, nerves and joints, relieving the stresses of everyday life.

 "The campaign's idea is to strengthen the emotional, work on prevention, in the rehabilitation process, in order to have healthier employees. The company's employees are the target audience, as well as their families, because Apdata understands that with more solid foundations, the employees will perform their duties infinitely better," said Claudia.

 On the challenges in doing a program like this, the HR manager explains that the first challenge is initially to educate everyone about the need of the program, and so it is important to manage the progress and results. "I believe that the best thermometer for creating a well-being program is to know very well the need of the company's employees, through a close and transparent relationship. But also, it is essential to always have tools of internal health studies and its team productivity results," says Claudia, who also highlights the importance of leaders being involved in all programs aiming professional development.

 To understand how employees feel the organization's investment, the Director of Technology of Apdata do Brasil, Vagner Santana, who has participated in consultations with the psychologist, tells how this service provided by the organization impacted his personal and professional life.

 profissional & negócios - How do you see the fact that Apdata offers a psychologist to employees? 

Vagner Santana - I think it's a very important point, since it can help anyone who has behavioral issues to improve their personal and professional life, which consequently will reflect on their career and relationship with the team. From the point of view of management, it is an amazing tool that improves the quality of the professional and individual atmosphere, especially when there is feedback, after and during the treatment.

 p&n - Do you think this support helped you in what you needed? In what way?

 Santana - I can say that the support, undoubtedly, helped me better understand certain attitudes that I had. Thus, it was possible to re-evaluate, improve and feel the reflexes in personal satisfaction and also the improvement in the professional side.

 p&n - How was this contact with the psychologist? Did you use this service several times?

 Santana - The psychologist is available to employees. Through intranet, you can check the schedule for available times and make an appointment. During several visits I had a complete evaluation and development of a strategic plan to analyze some attitudes. Although more sporadically, we still have meetings in order to re-evaluate individually and also we assess, together, the team under my management.

 p&n - Do you recognize your company as an organization that invests in the well-being of employees? Why?

 Santana - Undoubtedly, we have several actions focused on well-being, in addition to psychological care and massage sessions; more recently, we were presented with a postural and physical improvement package that includes actions every other day of work gymnastics and a monthly plan of massage for postural correction and elimination of pain.