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Apdata’s Mobile Application

The APDATA application provides access to the GA - Global Antares technology in the palm of your hands, bringing the mobility that your company needs to access the HR Portal anywhere.

Advantages of Apdata’s Application:

  • Timesheet: it lists all hours worked, credited or deducted, the details (entries) of each day and the balance of excess work hours.
  • Statement of Payment: it displays the summarized paycheck of any month, with the additional functionality of sending the full version in PDF via email.
  • List of Employees: it displays the list (with search) of the company’s employees, with contact details.
  • Pending requests: it lists the pending requests of the user, with the details and execution of available actions (approval, disapproval, return for adjustments, etc.).
  • Virtual Clock: it allows employees to register their attendance via mobile phone, according to the server time.
  • Free download in the app stores Google Play and App Store.
  • Available for Windows Phone via browser.
  • it allows the customization of the visual identity of the company.