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GA - Global Antares

Integrated and Automated solution for the Complete Management of Human Capital

The main characteristics of GA - Global Antares are flexibility, high technology and high performance. It provides simplicity, productivity, mobility and automation in the strategic management of Human Capital, covering the technology needs of the HR area into a single product.

It was developed with a concept structured to meet the global use. It supports a large volume of data and allows the configuration of access for users according to the company’s policies for operation in different sites (in each country, company or subsidiary).

It includes 19 integrated modules and exclusive corporate performance tools.


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Technically understand why GA - Global Antares is the best solution for your company

MultiTiers: Allows high standard safety and audit trails.

Multi-database: Availability for the MS SQL Server and Oracle

Control of database connections: The application server can be configured to use, for example, five database connections and provide the respective connections to 100 users. The connections will be shared between them, thus resulting in major savings for the company.

Multi-companies. Access and implementation of processes to various companies simultaneously.

Multi-language and Multi-legislation: Adapted to operate with different legislations with the content available in: Portuguese, Spanish and English.

Multi-interface: Available in various interfaces: Web - HR Portal, mobile applications, Windows, electronic devices (watches, turnstiles, etc.), Bath (processing requests in text file) and WEB Services (third-party systems using GA - Global Antares).

Secure access to the Internet: It uses TCP/IP communication protocols in the network layer and HTTP or HTTPS in the application layers. This represents a secure access to the Internet, thus eliminating the need to create special settings on the servers.

It supports large volumes of data: Designed to work with large volumes of data while maintaining an excellent performance. The asynchronous multithreaded server control makes it reliable.

Three Tiers: A real "Three Tiers" product, that is, the business rules are in one place (Application Server) and, therefore, there are no rules in the Interface Layer or in the Database Layer.

Integration with Active Directory through the ApAdProvider tool: It validates users even when the GA - Global Antares is outside the network environment, controlling its creation, allocation, activation and deactivation.

Processing load balancing through the ApLoadBalance tool: Strategic distribution of requests across servers, allowing a greater scalability of the GA - Global Antares Solution.