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eSocial Products

  • Registration of Individuals’ Activities (CAEPF): Sequence number, associated with the Individual’s Taxpayer Identification (CPF). The individual shall arrange the registration in the CAEPF, following the rules set out in the specific normative act to be published in due course;
  • National Register of Works (CNO): it shall replace the CEI enrollment for construction works and associated with the National Registry of Legal Entities (CNPJ) or Individual’s Taxpayer Identification (CPF). The CEI enrollments existing on the date of implementation of the eSocial related to the works shall make up the initial registration of the CNO;
  • Application of Register Qualification: Application that allows the user to query whether the CPF and NIS (Social Identification Number) (NIT/PIS/PASEP) are suitable to be used in the eSocial. After the registration check, the application evaluates each field informed and indicates which fields have irregularities.