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Apdata and eSocial

Apdata worked on the adequacy of the official layouts and routines of the eSocial within each module of the GA - Global Antares, aiming at the unification, integration and standardization of information of both employers and employees.

GA - Global Antares meets 100% of the requirements of the ancillary obligation with the management of Payroll, Occupational Health, Occupational Safety, Lawsuits and Contract Management (acquisition and trade of rural production and registration of non-port temporary workers) within the standards required by the Federal Government and Apdata’s quality standards, allowing users to have a complete management, control and the least impact on their daily activities.

Check out some of the benefits of Apdata’s eSocial services:


To facilitate the eSocial’s process of integration and management within the companies, Apdata developed the eAuditor, a tool that carefully audits the database with the same criteria set out by the eSocial. It validates the information required and indicate all missing and/or divergent data in relation to the existing data. Thus, the reorganization of registration data is made in a simple, fast and assertive manner.

Management Panel

Efficient management of all events generated to be sent to the national environment eSocial, with the administration of the originating quantities, deadlines, backlogs and status control (finalized or rejected by eSocial for adjustment).


The integration between GA - Global Antares and the national environment eSocial will take place through a webservice connection and natively to the system, transmitting all XML files securely and in real time, respecting all legal prerogatives.