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All News | Sep 10, 2015 06:08 article with the CEO of Apdata do Brasil, Luiza Nizoli article with the CEO of Apdata do Brasil, Luiza Nizoli

The CEO talks about incentives and investments in the physical, mental and financial balance of the company's talents

 *By Patrícia Bispo, reporter responsible for the website:

 "Initially, the company had the desire to change radically the traditional corporate work environment, which was usually colder, to a cozier place. The reason for this was just one - make the employees more relaxed, calm and, consequently, less stressed. It was a success, and soon after other spaces such as a massage room, an orchard, a color therapy room, a study room and siesta (after lunch nap) rooms were created," recalls Luiza Nizoli, CEO of Apdata do Brasil.

 With these actions, as employees became more relaxed mentally, they produced more because they felt happy in their workplace. So, to further improve performance, the company made e psychologist and a therapist available on site to serve them whenever needed. Continuing the wellbeing project, the company added two more items: financial health rehabilitation and workout sessions.

 The beginning - Through its governing body, the company took the first step to encourage people to improve their professional and personal lives, to be effectively emotionally prepared to meet the endless demands of the corporate world, for the sake of survival. The program created for the rehabilitation of the employees' financial health, for example, was a result of a study conducted internally, which concluded that the debt affected professional development, including worsening physical and emotional health.

 In regards to physical health, Apdata analyzed the absences and concluded that people who returned were still sick and returned even worse. "The idea of the campaign was to strengthen the emotional side, work on prevention and re-education in order to nurture people back to health," says Luiza Nizoli, emphasizing that the target audience of these initiatives is company employees and it extends to relatives regarding physical labor. Soon, the organization plans to expand this kind of work, since it considers that a more structured family performs its role infinitely better. The project is being headed by the Human Resources team with the support of the executive director.

 Presentation to employees - To present the new proposal to its employees, Apdata held a workshop divided into groups due to the importance of the project. "As CEO, I inaugurated the event, stating the reasons, benefits, and the results we want to achieve with the campaign - Healthier Apdata," cites Luiza Nizoli.

 Mental Health - On the day of the corporate environment, the demands are constant and people are pressed as if they were in a "pressure cooker". Goals to be achieved, deadlines, efficiency, quality and numerous commitments are all requirements of projects. As all this creates a great stress, professionals often fail to obtain results because they have reached a mental breakdown.

 Given this reality, the mind must also be crafted. And it is precisely for this reason that the Company adopted practices in which professionals will have an escape valve in times of greater tension. "We provide a professional, a psychologist who meets the employees according to a scheduled agenda and monitors the most critical cases. If necessary, alternative floral therapy is used. In addition, people can relax at any time of the day in comfortable hammocks or futons, in order to restore their energy. There are also those times when we need a time for reflection and, therefore, have an open ecumenical chapel for anyone to enter when in need of inner peace and to reflect," says the CEO of Apdata in Brazil.

 Physical health - The company's concern with the physical health of employees gained more strength in 2011, when it performed an internal evaluation of all employees which included analysis of blood pressure, cholesterol levels, physical inactivity, diabetes, among other factors of risk to human health. With the results in hand, the board did not hesitate to search for professional experts in the market to create an effective program for the significant improvement of the situation. It was therefore decided in principle to work by focusing on employees who felt pain in specific places of the body, such as spine, knees, shoulders, hands, among others. The discovery of the people suffering from these problems was alarming.

 "How many people drag themselves daily to meet their goals, but at very high costs? Not to mention that this obviously affects the emotional side as well as the professional, family and social relationships. The scheduling is performed and all details will be assessed by means of the shian technique, which will work the musculature. The intention is to eliminate the cause of the problem", Nizoli comments, emphasizing that the professionals who render services to employees will be at Apdata three times a week, attending normal calls and other occasional cases, such as emergencies. This benefit is 100% paid for by Apdata. One of the interesting points is that this benefit will be extended to the families of the employees at only 50% of the costs of treatment.

 Financial health - It is no secret that if someone is unstructured financially, they cease to have positive productivity. The organization proved this, created a program and called for the participation of all employees, regardless of them having a real financial problem or not. For this, they are given financial re-education courses and gain awareness of expenditures verses investment. This program aims to improve the financial quality of employees and project it to a much broader prospect for the future.

 Benefits - When asked about the financial, mental and physical benefits that the campaigns bring to Apdata and, consequently, to the professionals, Nizoli points out that there were two primary changes. The first was the accomplishment of a happier environment where people have become more solicitous, and the result was reflected at all levels, including the clients. The second was the awakening of workers with potential, which were dormant before this. Many, she said, were locked internally. With this investment, there was a 60% increase in the talent retention and about 1% reduction in turnover. Furthermore, other benefits were observed among professionals, such as, for example, increased commitment, dedication and pride for the fact that they worked in the company.

 Evaluation of results - To measure the results of all these actions, Luiza Nizoli emphasizes that the company makes an assessment under two points of view. The first is related to low turnover, as well as the commitment to quality and completion of services. The second is the level of the company's client satisfaction. "Through research and field work, we measured this and after verifying the results, we operated strategically on the focal points for the proper solution," she added.

 Nizoli states that she believes that actions such as those adopted by Apdata generate extremely positive benefits, as people work more motivated, become psychologically stabilized, and have low levels of stress. "Even if there is usual pressure in the service area, the environment and people become more harmonious, balanced and the talent retention becomes greater. Professionals feel they do not simply represent numbers, but that they are critical to the success and growth of the company. This movement raises their will and their interest to continue firmly with the intention defending the principles, values and the organization's mission as a team," she concludes.