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All News | Sep 10, 2015 06:09

Not all software updates need to be problematic

Not all software updates need to be problematic

Global Antares Update, the Apdata HR management software, stood out for its modernized workflow and improved product usability

 Interactivity, one of the concepts most commonly associated with technology, was instrumental for Apdata to find an ideal and “painless” model to update its GA - Global Antares - software, focused on HR management. The company has collected opinions and suggestions from its clients to make its applications more functional and easier to use for industry professionals.

According to Julio Nogueira, Director of Automation and Infrastructure at Apdata, the major changes of the new version focused on the visual redesign of workflow forms (to streamline processes and increase the intuitiveness of the program) and the improvement in overall usability of the system in terms of content, processes and navigation.

 "Usability is a matter of extreme importance for Apdata and, therefore, the opinions of clients weighed heavily on the issue of updates," said Nogueira. "Based on tests performed in the behavior of our interface, we concluded that we needed to improve these three aspects (content, processes and navigation)."

 Another novelty was the change in interface to make it a more user-friendly program. In this sense, the main changes were the concealment of the information fields that should not be changed during the editing of documents.

 To Julio Nogueira, Apdata managed to simplify a process that, in other companies, is usually a traumatic one. "We assumed that the software update should only add minor modifications or fix bugs found in the program. Many companies end up complicating the update issue. The cases where, after the updates, extremely functional programs turn into super complex interfaces full of hardly useful applications are not rare."

 To publicize the new package, clarify the new features of the program and answer any questions, the company promoted an overview for all clients. The event held at the company's headquarters had real-time, online, fully interactive streaming - including space for inquiries - for those who could not attend personally. "With the online broadcasting we could reach all users of GA - Global Antares in Brazil and in the 12 countries where we operate,” Maria Pisani Nizoli, ombudsman of Apdata, emphasized.