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All News | Jan 23, 2017 08:20

Apdata presents IT solution to automate HR during Gartner Symposium ITxpo 2016 in Orlando (USA)

São Paulo, September 2016 - Apdata, a HR technology, outsourcing and consulting services company, will attend Gartner Symposium ITxpo 2016 from October 16th to 20th in Orlando/FL. On the occasion, Apdata will present to the American market its international expansion process to get global customers who want single platform HR solutions.

Known as the most important gathering of CIOs and IT leaders, the event will be an opportunity for the company to promote its own brand in the international market and present models of services based on process automation and technology that allows companies to reduce costs, increase productivity and assertiveness in their operation of human resources. Apdata is participating in Gartner Symposium ITxpo for the eighth consecutive time.

According to Roberto Bertolo, Apdata’s head of international business, within three years international customers will represent 30% of the customer base, compared to Brazilian customers, and a turnover of around 35% to 40% from abroad.

In order to achieve these numbers, the company focuses on partnering up with local companies which aim to share knowledge and local services by operating Apdata’s global human resources management and payroll solution technology.

More and more companies seek to make life easier for their employees through technology – companies want to take a step forward. Taking part in an event of this size allows a company to align new technologies and learn how to use them within the business environment.

"Apdata’s presence on this event had a direct impact on the development of new solutions for people management, following the main global trends,” states Bertolo.

This year, Gartner Symposium ITxpo 2016 will focus on strategies that will lead executives to start looking for digital innovation due to the speed at which business evolves. The expectation is that over 8,500 CIOs and their leadership teams will attend this event. In the last edition, the symposium was attended by 1,100 participants including 400 CIOs and 67 solution providers of more than 500 organizations worldwide.

Global Antares, artificial intelligence concept to automate HR area

Apdata created its main product called Global Antares (GA). It consists on several integrated modules such as Payroll, Benefits, Budget Planning, Time Attendance Management, Access & Security, Lawsuits Management, Employee Surveys, Position Planning, Compensation Management, Recruitment and Selection, Training and Development, Performance and Objectives management, Career and Succession Planning, Occupational Health and Safety.

GA technology also includes a group of tools that provides decentralization, interaction and cooperation while using the HR Portal and Mobile Application; integration with ERP and other systems and automation of processes through virtual users, an innovative and intelligent system that is able to perform routine tasks accurately and safely allow full transparency and agility in processes while eliminating errors and manual intervention.

"Our GA solution automates HR processes, providing a 40% increase in productivity. Technology is a great enabler in daily operational activities of HR professionals, so they can focus on strategy and personal development and help the company grow," says Bertolo.

GA also supports large volumes of data and allows users to access or perform transactions according to each company policy, and to operate the system remotely from different locations (or within different countries, company or subsidiary). Its interface was designed to provide users with better navigability, ensuring an easy, relevant and consistent experience.

About Apdata

Apdata specializes in Human Resources. The company’s advantage lies in its integrated, flexible and automated solutions, outsourcing and consultancy services for the complete management of human capital. Our solutions are suitable for small, medium and large companies within several sectors, and we have a significant portfolio of over 730 customers. We strive to exceed the expectations of HR professionals and to provide effective results, respecting the internal culture while maintaining a transparent relationship and valuing the human aspect.

We can address international needs because our solution is ready to run on a single database for global companies. Our headquarters are located in Sao Paulo and Orlando.

Apdata also adopts forward-looking policies to render our employee relations more humane by investing in the wellbeing of the whole team.