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Technology beyond checkout

Lopes Supermercados adopts software GA - Global Antares to manage and increase HR efficiency


Responsible for managing charges, salaries and benefits of hundreds of employees, the HR area of Lopes Supermercados (, a partner of Apdata since 2003, was seeking a solution for an improved centralization of the processes.


In order to allow the HR to focus on strategy, valuation and personnel management, the chain that has stores in São Paulo, Guarulhos, Carapicuíba and Embu das Artes, invested in technology. “We want to show that building a career in retail companies is a great career choice in Brazil,” said Leila Cezário, Coordinator of the Personnel Department of Lopes Supermercados.


“By allowing the centralization of all processes on a single full and uncomplicated tool, HR no longer needs to perform bureaucratic tasks and thus have more time to make strategic decisions. I can say that this is also an investment in people,” says Leila.


For the executive, the challenge was to choose a provider that would allow the use of data access tools at all company levels, respecting the hierarchy. According to her, the solution developed by Apdata was the one that best suited these requirements. “The flexibility of the system enabled us to create work areas according to the needs of each user.”


With the GA’s Payroll module, the supermarket chain reduced the time dedicated to payroll processing, calculation and printing. “We witnessed a productivity gain,” says Leila.

In addition to the Payroll module, the company started using two other modules: Time Attendance Management  and Position Planning. “One of the positive aspects of Apdata’s management system is the decentralization of several activities, such as the workflow process, which allows the transfer of a task from one person to another across the chain, following a set of rules.”