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  1. 1984

    Apdata initiates its activities as a micro-enterprise focused on services for various segments: Payroll, HR, accounting and finance (all modules in DOS and UNIX environments). That year, the company had fifteen clients and a team of six employees.

  2. 1989

    Due to numerous changes in regulations at the time, Apdata decided to specialize in Human Capital Management solutions to meet the market demand.

  3. 1992

    First major environment migration, all modules of SRH Antares (previous name of GA - Global Antares) migrate to Windows.

  4. 2000

    Apdata innovates in its technology and service models, launches all modules of its system for the 3-layer technology, services offering BPO - Business Process Outsourcing and, seeking to meet the rapid growth of the company, it begins the construction of its own headquarters.

  5. 2002

    Opening of the new headquarters in São Paulo on April 12, 2002, with spaces dedicated to the well-being of employees and launch of major proprietary tools: LPC – Standard Calculation Language and Workflow.

  6. 2003

    Strong investment in the development and robustness of the modules for strategic HR management, strengthening its brand as a differentiated supplier of complete solutions for Human Capital Management.

  7. 2004

    Strong investment in Time Attendance Management and Access & Security modules. Innovations in Outsourcing services with the development of process automation solutions.

  8. 2006

    Apdata’s process of expansion. Technology from Brazil to the World – Internationalization to Latin America.

  9. 2008

    Opening of the international office in Florida.

  10. 2010

    Beginning of the general restructuring into a model dedicated to services and launch of Apdata’s new visual identity, adding to the brand the representation of a new reality of the company: agility, forward thinking, accuracy, determination and focus.

  11. 2012

    Apdata strengthens its national expansion with the opening of two new units in Campinas/SP and Rio de Janeiro/RJ.

  12. 2014

    Apdata completes 30 years.

  13. 2016

    Strengthening international expansion for countries in Latin America, North America and Africa.

  14. 2018

    Inaugurated its own headquarters in Florida.